Drainage Improvements and Slide Repair Project

Public Notice

Pinewood Trustee, Inc. as Trustee for Pinewood Site Custodial Trust

Former Pinewood Commercial Hazardous Waste Landfill
Pinewood, SC

Drainage Improvements and Slide Repair Project

Pinewood Trustee, Inc. (“PTI”) invites public comment on the Drainage Improvements and Cover System Slide Repair Project on Section III (the “Proposed Project”) at the former Pinewood Commercial Hazardous Waste Landfill located in Sumter County, South Carolina (the “Site”).  The Proposed Project involves repairs to two existing final cover slides and improvements to the stormwater system on the northern portion of the Section III cell of the Site. 

Please submit any comments on the Project to PTI.  Written comments on the Project may be sent to:

Robert A. Kerr, Jr.
President & Community Involvement Coordinator of PTI
78 Wentworth Street
Charleston, SC 29401

PTI encourages the public to review the Project and other documents that make up the Administrative Record to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the Site and the activities that have and will be conducted at the Site.  The Project and Administrative Record for the Site can be accessed at www.thepinewoodsite.com or at the following location:

The Pinewood Site
8430 Camp Mac Boykin Road
Pinewood, SC 29125
Hours: Call 843-579-7026
By appointment only

Jennifer Morrow